5 Advantages of Composite Decking

5 Advantages of Composite Decking

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Today’s homeowners want to spend their time enjoying their outdoor spaces as opposed to maintaining them and in line with this one flooring solutions has started to gain more and more attention – This flooring solutions is composite decking. Composite decking is decking composite that is made of a mixture of wood fibre, plastic and binding agent. Composite decking has many advantages over traditional wood decking, some of which we are going to be listing today.

Composite Decking Advantages

Durability – Composite decking is incredibly strong and durable. It is able to resist fading, staining, scratching and mould and does not rot, crack or warp unless unusual conditions. It is also splinter-free making it a great flooring choice for people with children and/or pets.

Low-maintenance – Composite decking is incredibly easy to care for requiring nothing more than soap and water to clean it up. Because of this composite decking typically comes with lengthy warranty, ensuring that it will stay looking in mint condition for many years. Warranty for composite decking generally ranges between 5 years and 25 years.

Aesthetics – Composite decking looking simply amazing. It features high-definition wood grain patterns and rich saturated colours making it look just like traditional wood decking, if not better. Not only this but composite decking is available in many different colours and finishes allowing for people to easily find options which are 100% suited to their homes and requirements.

Sustainability – Composite decking looks and feels just like traditional wooden decking however it does not have the same negative environmental impact. Composite deck boards and generally made using recycled content and materials thus in turn actually helping the environment in the end.

Value – Although composite decking is not always more affordable than wood decking and other flooring alternatives , when you factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance and the replacement of damaged flooring, composite decking is priced incredibly competitively and can pay for itself in just a number of years.

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