5 Reasons to Get a Maid Service (Even if You Think You Can Do it Yourself)

5 Reasons to Get a Maid Service (Even if You Think You Can Do it Yourself)

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Thinking about hiring a maid service? If you made it to this article, chances are you’re considering it. And it’s a good idea. Despite what holdbacks you may have about hiring a cleaning service, the reality is that it will save you time and money- even if you’re already living on a tight budget.

You don’t have to have a maid that comes to your home daily, weekly, or monthly. For most busy families, a bi-weekly visit is more than enough to improve the overall standard of living inside of the home.

If you need a bit more convincing, here are 5 reason to get a maid service (even when you think you can do it yourself).

1.A Professional Maid Service Will Clean Your House Better Than You

Call it a fact of life, but a professional cleaner is going to clean your house better than you every time. For one simple reason: It’s actually their job. Not an obligation they have to do, but their job. Which means when you hire a maid service to clean your house, you’re going to experience a professional clean.

When’s the last time you’ve cleaned the baseboards or door handles? If you can’t answer that question, it’s safe to assume that a maid service will put your home in the best condition it’s ever been.

2.You Have a Busy Life

We all define ‘busy’ a bit differently. But if you could reclaim the time you’ve spent cleaning over the last five years of your life, what could you accomplish? Whether you’re busy with kids or work, hiring a maid service can take some off the work off your shoulders and help you reclaim time. For many that means more time with their kids and less stress about homemaking.

Even if you may think that you’re ‘lazy’ for hiring a maid to clean your home, isn’t time with yourself more important? Self-care is important for everyone.

3.You’re Having a Party or Event at Your Home

The stress of guests is one that homemakers across the globe know far too well. From cleaning the bathrooms to making up guest rooms, the worst part of preparing for an event at your home is realizing how dirty your home is overall. Instead of worrying about cleaning your home and ultimately enjoying your party less, hire a maid service to come and clean before your guests arrived.

Likewise, if you’re having a wedding in your backyard- it’s a good idea to hire a maid service to clean up your home the next day. If you are throwing a wedding at your home, you can even ask for maid services on your gift registry.

4.You Don’t Have to Buy Your Own Cleaning Supplies

You’d be surprised just how many cleaning supplies it takes to get a house looking clean as a whistle. Sure, multipurpose cleaners can be used on a lot of different surfaces- but that doesn’t mean that they’ll work very good. Maid services almost always bring their own cleaning supplies and since they clean for a living, they know what works and what doesn’t work.

More importantly, they can help you find cleaners that fit the lifestyle of your family. Whether you’re trying to go green or have a child with allergies to common cleaners, maid services know a product that works for nearly every set of needs.

5.You’re Caring for an Infant or Other Family Member

It doesn’t matter if you’re caring for a newborn baby or an elderly parent, when a person with extra needs is under your care housework (and laundry) starts to pile up at an alarming rate. Instead of struggling to keep up with care needs and find the time to bath, consider hiring a housekeeper.

Caregiver’s stress is a very real issue. Even a weekly job that helps you catch up on laundry and clean more intricate places in your home will give you more time to focus on their care you’re providing to your newborn or parent- instead of worrying about the house. If someone asks you how they can help- ask them to pitch in for a maid service.


As you may have realized, cleaning isn’t as easy as turning on a vacuum and picking up a few strewn clothes. Chores quickly pile up, regardless of what life is throwing your way. Hiring a maid service (no matter what the frequency) can help you reclaim your time, enjoy your life, and ultimately make your living environment a nicer place to be.

There’s a budget for every set of cleaning needs! Nowadays, a maid service isn’t made for royalty- it’s made for everyday people like you and I.

Are you considering a maid service? Already have one? Share your experience in the comments.

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