Avoid Leaks from Regina Windows and Improve Efficiency of the Home

Avoid Leaks from Regina Windows and Improve Efficiency of the Home

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During rainy season, is it possible to have a relaxing day inside in Regina? Ever thought what it takes to enjoy gentle shower without going outside? Or it is ok to use towels and buckets to mop up water? Would like to deal with water leakage inside?

Obviously, nobody likes the idea to see water or air destroying the internal furnishings. Leaking windows are usually one of the major causes of aesthetic and structural damages that eventually increase cooling and heating bills. This rise causes a huge burden over homeowners can leave them with no option but to address water leakage. They just have to inspect Regina windows and prepare either for repair or replacement.

Why do windows leak?

Leakage is common among Regina windows as they age. After bearing extreme weather, building settling and fighting against outside elements, they are no more capable to hold water or air tightness. Different window parts may have different problems- frame may break, glazing seal break or cracks for in the structure.

Although older windows are prone to water leaks, homeowners cannot think that new components are safe. There are three key areas everybody should be concerned about:

  • Home Design- Not having overhangs to drain water from the roof. Homeowners should take appropriate measures to avoid wind-driven rainwater coming through Regina windows. Make sure that fascia is angled properly and protrudes outward away from the unit.
  • Installation- Poorly installed breaks encourage water infiltration. Use home wrap or building paper instead of window flashing to control water seepage.
  • Maintenance- Improper or broken caulking at seams and window flange may cause a lot of trouble. Homeowners should choose double glazing Regina windows to avoid condensation and moisture.

How to identify leak in windows?

The first and foremost thing is to identify the source of leakage. Homeowners are recommended to inspect windows in Regina from every side in order to avoid negligence in any way. Living in older homes means that leaks are obvious at the upper floors or around the roof. But, it would be a bit difficult to trace the actual source and owners have to remove the entire units to make everything up to the mark.

How to fix window leaks?

As a matter of fact, there are numerous ways to fix window leaks. Homeowners can either do simple things like weatherstripping or complicated methods like rebuilding rotten wood walls before replacing windows. Homeowners can also do any of the following things to prevent leakage in Regina windows:

  • Remove damaged caulking, clean the frame and recaulk
  • Inspect the space between glass and window frame. If needed, re-seal the glass with silicone caulk
  • The bottom of the window frame should be positioned downward in order to ensure water drainage
  • Clean insects, debris and dirt from the weep holes with a small wire

After performing all tasks to get rid of leaks, the last thing to do is to know how to avoid future window leaks. Homeowners have to monitor the performance of caulking and make sure seal is working up to the mark.

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