Check This Simplified Guide for Selecting Window Cleaning Services

Check This Simplified Guide for Selecting Window Cleaning Services

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The upkeep of your business premises is more than important, and one of the many tasks is window cleaning. In fact, window cleaning is a big chore for homeowners, as well. If your office or home is located in a high-rise building, cleaning can be a risky job, as well. No wonder, people often prefer hiring window cleaning services. In case you need assistance for cleaning commercial windows, you need to find the right service. With companies claiming and promising all sorts of things, taking the final call can be hard. Below are a few tips that may come handy.

Start with the basics

Is the company licensed? Now that’s a valid question, because you don’t want to deal with services that are making money by selling job contracts to subcontractors. Secondly, you have to check if the company is insured. As mentioned earlier, cleaning windows is a complicated job, and workplace mishaps are not uncommon either. If the company doesn’t have insured workers, you will have to pay for the medical bills in case of an accident. A company must also have general liability insurance, which will cover the possible damages to your property.

Find more

A company that has been in business for more than a decade will have enough clients. As a prospective customer, you can seek references for further verifications. Also, you need to check if they work in both commercial and residential sectors. Businesses that deal in comprehensive services often have more expertise and experience, and since their reputation is at stake, they don’t take chances with their work. You also need to confirm if they have an in-house team of professionals. Many smaller companies end up hiring day laborers for the job, who have very little experience or practical knowledge of cleaning residential windows.

Seek a quote

Cleaning the windows of your home might not be a regular or weekly thing. Most homeowners prefer hiring someone every fortnight or once in a week, so it’s important to seek a quote. Businesses and commercial clients, on the other hand, may need additional or more frequent services, and therefore, they often have a yearly contract with the cleaning service. It largely depends on your needs, but getting an estimate will help in avoiding other unexpected costs that are often added later.

Consider other things

Professional window cleaning services will take your preferences and convenience in consideration before scheduling the work. Also, you might not want to commit for a yearly contract right away. As a prudent step, get the company for a singular job to see their professionalism and overall approach to the work. Did they offer a quote in advance? If yes, was the estimate inclusive of all costs? Did their cleaners arrive on time? Did the team complete the job aptly as expected? Answer these questions and you can decide on whether you need the same service again in the future.

Check online to find the best local services, and don’t shy away from asking questions, as required.


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