Choosing the right door for your concrete garage

Choosing the right door for your concrete garage

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Building a concrete garage can be a big investment to your home, and with that in mind you want it to look good on the eye as well as being easily accessible – hence why choosing the right garage door is such an important task.

These days’ garage doors come in a range of sizes, colours, materials – and don’t even get us started on how they operate. So with so much choice, how do you know where to begin?

This guide aims to help all new concrete garage owners make sense of everything they need to consider when choosing a garage door.

The Mechanism

The versatility of how a garage door can open is varied, with the most popular style being the canopy. This opening style is the traditional method of pulling the door outwards and then up, so that it finally sits within the garage ceiling space. Another recognisable mechanism fitted on a lot of concrete garages around the country is the retractable garage door. This opens in an up and over movement, allowing the homeowner to push the door back to fit within the garage, a contrast to that of canopy doors.

For a more contemporary feel, sectional and roller doors are becoming more and more popular on new build homes, more so because they display a very modern and stylish look. Unlike canopy and retractable garage doors, sectional and roller doors open straight upwards, giving you more space at the front of your concrete garage.

The Material

Another important consideration when picking a new door for your concrete garage is what type of material it will be made from. The material of a garage door can affect many things, including how durable your door will be as well as its thermal insulation efficiency.

If you have decided that a canopy or retractable door is more suited to your requirements, you will find that the most common materials available to you are steel and timber. Because of the popularity of these garage door styles in the past, it means both materials are available in a vast range of designs so you will always find something that you love.

In comparison, the fairly new roller doors are actually restricted in their design and material. Because the door rolls up it needs to have narrow and horizontal slats, rather than larger plain spaces or raised panels. That means most roller doors are actually made from aluminium, which does have its advantages as it has extremely good insulation and comes in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Sectional doors are mainly constructed from steel, and are too as insulated as the roller door. And, unlike the roller door they are available in metallic and textured finishes.

The Property

It is very important to think carefully about what type of garage door would suit your home. To get some ideas, have a look at what similar looking homes have done either online or around your neighbourhood.

Ultimately, your new concrete garage door is always going to play a part in how your home looks. Most homes, new or old, can aesthetically change for the better with the right garage door and it allows your home to convey its style.

Roller and sectional doors are associated with newer properties, and are extremely on trend at the moment. That isn’t to say they won’t work on older properties, picking the right colour and finish could mean that they work well with your traditional style.

When choosing the right door to fit on your concrete garage these three considerations are an absolute must. Do your research, see what others are doing and always keep your home in mind and you will surely enough find the perfect door to suit your requirements. You can also speak to a professional concrete garage company and ask them for advice.

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