How to Use Propane Safely in Your Home and at Work

How to Use Propane Safely in Your Home and at Work

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Using propane, due to its affordability and utility as a key fuel source to heat your home and work, is becoming increasingly more popular in the modern world. Couple that with the fact that it is a safe bet as a hot water supply, cooking utility and electricity source and the myriad ways of using propane become more and more apparent. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise some level of care and consideration when it comes to using it in your home and at work – improperly handled propane carries several risks.

Following propane safe practices and respecting it as a potentially volatile fuel source is the name of the game. As homeowners or businesses that handle tanks, appliances, generators and fuel lines, knowing exactly how and why you should manage it carefully is critical. Hopefully the following advice will help you do exactly that.

Do Not Run Out

Ensuring your propane supply is topped up and sufficient enough for your demands is really important when it comes to its usage. To understand why click here to learn more but otherwise know that if it runs out you are putting yourself at possible risk of fire or explosion.

Use an appliance with a valve or gas line incorrectly, leaving it open for example, could mean that when propane peters out a leak could occur when the system is recharged and air and moisture can get into a tank and build-up inside the tank causing rust. As this rust increases the concentration of the odor of the gas is masked, making it harder to detect. Stay on top of your propane levels and make sure the supply is stable and you’ll be far less likely to run into any issues.

Regular Delivery and Leak Checks

On that note it makes a lot of sense to arrange a regular delivery of propane from a reliable and qualified service technician from a retailer who can also perform a leak check on the system and check the fuel gauge in order to avoid the aforementioned problems.

In terms of safety tips ensure that this person, as well as yourself if needs be, handles the propane tanks carefully. That means avoiding storage of portable tanks in basements or living spaces, securing temporary tanks for work and home use, not leaving portable tanks in cars or closed vehicles and ensuring they are secured if transported.

If You Smell Gas

If you’re using propane in the home or in your cleaning business it’s also crucial to know what do if you smell gas suddenly. First things first, if there is an open flame make sure it is extinguished immediately and keep a check on all smoking items. From there ensure that you get everyone out of an area that you feel might be at risk of a leak. Move on to turning off the gas supply valve of the propane tank and then contact your supplier or technician.

Staying on top of your system by ensuring it is regularly supplied and checked will of course mean that any such problems pertaining to leaks will be few and far between.


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