Perfect Use of the Handheld Vacuums now for You

Perfect Use of the Handheld Vacuums now for You

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Handheld vacuums run on battery power, and are infinitely more maneuverable than conventional vacuum cleaners, even though their suction power is of course much lower, and their limited autonomy.

Typical usages of a pointer vacuum include:

The collection of crumbs on a table: it is the use of type “vacuum table.” There is no need to use a big vacuum cleaner, with the hand vacuum one can pick up the crumbs in just a few seconds. These are the options that you will need to be specific about. The options are perfect here and that makes the whole process essential for you now.

The cleaning of furniture, sofas, and chairs, or other damage daily. For example, you can use the hand vacuum to clean the hair that your dog or cat has left on the chair.

How to choose a hand vacuum?

The criteria to consider when choosing a wireless vac are:

  1. The weight

You will have to handle this vacuum with one hand, so it must be as light as possible, so you do not get tired. We advise you not to exceed 1.5 kg unless you want to do bodybuilding!

  1. Battery life and recharge time

Except for hand-held car vacuums that have a cigarette lighter, most hand-held vacuums are battery- powered, and must be docked for recharging. The autonomy is, therefore, an essential criterion in the choice of your hand vacuum.

For the classic uses of a hand vacuum you do not need a great autonomy, but it is also not necessary that the vacuum cleaner stops in the middle of cleaning. We recommend a range of about 10 minutes. Also, check the charging time of the battery: a good battery can be recharged in 3 or 4 hours. For more on this check out the post right here.

  1. The suction power

Although it is less critical than for a conventional vacuum cleaner, good suction power reduces the time it takes to clean. Depending on the use, aim for a suction power between 8 W and 30 W. The higher the suction power, the more the autonomy decreases: it is therefore strongly recommended to have a power regulator that adapts the power suction depending on the surface to be sucked.

  1. The supplied accessories

Vacuum cleaner – accessories you have needs that go beyond the “classic” uses of a table vacuum, remember to check that the necessary accessories are present. For cleaning a car, it is beneficial to have a cigar lighter cord and a long brush to access every nook, and to suck pet hair a rotating brush is a great help. These are the things that you need to be aware of in every level of your work.

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