There is Nothing Like Standard Window Sizes- Got for Custom Sized Windows

There is Nothing Like Standard Window Sizes- Got for Custom Sized Windows

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Ever wondered what is meant by standard window sizes? Wondering if such features exist? As a matter of fact, almost every window manufacturer used to specify common sizes in their catalogs that let homeowners to have clear information about what sizes they would be having and whether their measurements are suitable for home’s requirements or not. Here, what most of the owners miss is realizing the fact that placing orders without giving much attention would lead to more money and time investment.

In other words, it can be said that window manufacturers usually have different sizes and specifications that are, sometimes, tailored for clients’ requirements as well. So, it can be said that there is nothing like standard window sizes that could ensure proper fit. Experts suggest to go for custom sized windows that are built for every opening separately. So, now move on and learn more about standard window sizes.

Reasons of not Having Standard Window Sizes

When it comes to safety and comfort of the home, windows have to fit properly into the frames in order to avoid moisture or unwanted air to get inside. Here are some of the reasons why window sizes are not same in the entire property:

  • Time period to home construction: One of the primary reasons is the time period to home construction. If the home was built a decade ago, chances are high that owners would have to deal with unique and odd window sizes that look great but at the same time, they need individual attention and more investment of time and efforts.
  • Age of the home: Over time, window frames and siding get affected due to weather change. They also cause significant changes to the size of the openings.
  • Region and style of the home: Whether it’s about a modern style home or a classic brick, standard window sizes vary from one property to the other. Even, location affects their sizes for instance, average sizing in one Canadian state may differ from what is available in the other.
  • Replacement or new windows: It’s common to see difference in new and replacement windows. They used to have different dimensions and measurements that vary from one unit to the other.

How to Measure Windows?

The next step is to know how to record dimensions of every windows. One of the best approaches is to let professionals measure the units or if someone is performing the task alone, then here are some tips to always keep in mind:

  • Measure the height: Place the measuring tape at the upper portion of the sill and bring it to the top of the window opening. Always be sure to take three measurements: the left, the center and the right window side. Choose the smallest measurement and place an order.
  • Measure the Width: Use the measuring tape to measure the area between jambs present at three points: bottom, top and middle of the window opening. Use the smallest measurement to make a decision.
  • Measure the Depth: While measuring depth, ignore all parting strips and pulleys as they may disturb the measuring process.

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