Tips to Prevent Carpenter Ants Infestation

Tips to Prevent Carpenter Ants Infestation

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Carpenter ants are the most disgusting pests that can invade your house in summer and spring. The pests cause a lot of damage to wooden property if not controlled. Sometimes it can be a challenging task to know if your home is infested with the carpenter ants until it is late and you cannot prevent their destruction anymore.

These pests are difficult to control because of their large population. Also, identifying the ant nest can be difficult if you are not an expert in pest extermination. Before eradicating the ant colony, it is essential to determine the cause of their infestation to prevent any future invasion.

You can seek the services offered by Denver ant exterminators or your local pest controller to help you prevent carpenter ants infestation. This article gives you some of the tips to prevent carpenter ants from infesting your building or place of work.

Prevent carpenter ants’ infestation with these simple tips


If you have tree branches extending to your roof or close to the windows in your building, you must prune them to avoid any contact with the house. Carpenter ants like digging holes on dead limbs of tree branches. Therefore, trim all the dead branches to keep them off. All the plants around the building must be kept green always to stop the carpenter ants from building their nest.

Store firewood away

Carpenter ants like wood so much. Unlike termites that feed on wood, the carpenter ants only make holes in the wood to lay their eggs and breed. The only way of keeping them off your house is storing all firewood away from your building. The firewood storehouse should be located some distance away from your house. Put stacked firewood away from the building structure. Also, ensure your home foundation does not have any wood scraps or dead wood.

Safeguard vulnerable wood

Your building structure can be made up of wood. For example, door and window frames can be made of wood. When a leaky or sweaty pipe passes close to vulnerable wood in the building, they become moist and attract the carpenter ants. Protect the vulnerable wood found along with the windows and doors by applying a recommended pest disinfectant.

Also, to keep the ants away from your home, you can maintain a clearance of six inches between the soil and wood siding. This will prevent the siding from contacting moisture from the soil. Repair all moisture-damaged wood that can attract the carpenter ants.

Repair damaged walls

Walls with cracks and gaps found in the home’s exterior must be sealed to stop the ants from penetrating. You can call your plumber to repair all the leaking pipes, especially those passing along the walls, to prevent your wall from being moist during summer.


Notably, wood attracts carpenter ants the most in your house. If your house is made of a wood basement or floor, then you must be in the look to prevent the carpenter ants from infesting your building. The tips given here can help you to avoid the carpenter ants from infesting your house this summer and save some coins you could use to buy that pesticide.

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