Window Repair for Accidents

Window Repair for Accidents

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There are times when a window repair is necessary. At times, this requires a full replacement. Other times it may be possible to replace individual panes. It depends on the style of window and the extent of the damage. Most homeowners witness at least one accident over their years of home ownership. This can be something as simple as a ball thrown from a child to complicated issues such as cracks due to a shifting foundation. It is important to prepare for these things ahead of time. When you choose a window repair specialist ahead of time, you are ready when disaster strikes.

Choosing a Company

You can easily choose a window repair company to suit your needs by doing a little research. Make sure they are reputable by checking out their website and looking at online reviews. You should look for information on how many windows they keep in stock for emergencies, or how long it takes to order them. You should also check out the credentials of the business and staff, if possible. There may be several options for double hung window repair in your area.


The cost of window repair is usually reasonable. You can often call for an estimate before you commit to a company. If you have an extensive repair, this may be a good time to go ahead and upgrade the entire window. Several options are often available. You should weigh the cost of the repair against the entire replacement. You may also want to think about the age of the windows. If they are going to have to be replaced soon, it may be a waste of money to do the repair. If your foundation is causing the windows to crack or loosen from their frames, you may also need to seek out repairs for that portion of the problem. Costs can vary from under one-hundred dollars for a small pane, to thousands for a total replacement.


When you are having a repair done, you may need to consider the source of the damage. If a neighbour has thrown something through the window, such as a ball, think about how often the kids play outside your home. It may be time to get something more durable. Many people have damage that occurs due to large dogs. Pets may jump up on the window, interested in the outdoor world. An 80 pound dog can easily shatter standard windows, especially if they are older. There are some great durable options that may help prevent this from happening again.

Window repair is necessary at times. Every homeowner experiences a broken window every now and then. Take the time to call a quality repair company, assess the cost, and find ways to prevent breaks in the future. You may want to consider a full replacement or a more durable option at the time of repair.

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